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and the award goes to…

Breakfast in America can be a strange experience. You’d be hard pressed to find baked beans, mushrooms or a hashbrown but you can certainly get scrambled eggs. Weirdly when you ask for scrambled eggs on toast they put them on the side and give you condiments like jam or marmalade to put on your toast. Er no I wanted it ON the toast.

Anyway here I am in New York and do you think I can find a decent cup of tea? It’s weak, tepid and generally tasteless. The prime offender thus far is Sarabeth’s in Tibeca. I asked for a second bag in my pot which seemed to flummox them but it still looked like tap water out of old rusted pipes and tasted almost as bad. Don’t give me some wanky brand of tea I’ve never heard of, please America, embrace pot strength tea bags like Yorkshire Tea.



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herman miller pop up store nyc

Im so excited about this, best of all I get to see it.

Herman Miller Pop Up Shop

New York City
May 9 – July 1, 2012

68 Wooster Street, Soho
New York, NY 10012

Store Hours:
M-Sat 11-7
Sun 12-5


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new york and manure

According to Elizabeth Royte in her book Garbage Land, “in the mid-19th century, city horses dumped 500,000 pounds of manure a day on its streets, in addition to 45,000 gallons of urine. These were hardworking beasts, and their average lifespan was just two-and-a-half years. In 1880, according to historians, 15,000 dead horses had to be cleared from city streets. A single carter couldn’t lift a horse, so the carcasses often lay around until scavengers and the elements reduced their mass.”

Brownstones were built in the late 1800’s when garbage on New York streets was sometimes two to three feet high; a heady combination of ash, household waste, horse manure and urine… nice. So if you’ve ever wondered why Brownstones have their main entrances on the first floor via “stoops” instead of street level, well that’s your answer.

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