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crumpler’s all and sundry review

I call Crumpler’s All and Sundry a multi-purpose bag, because like its title suggests it can have many uses. For me nothing is more annoying than a massively bulky toiletry bag. It’s usually the last thing to go in your case at the end of your trip and many a time I’ve had to squeeze it in at the last minute. Not so this clever number. Crumpler promote this as a bag for your cables or stationary but for me it’s the perfect shape and size for all the things a gal needs to stay clean and beautiful. The best part is that if you clip the studs together it stands up as a standard toiletry bag but when it comes to fitting in your suitcase, unclip and lay this baby flat. Viola – space saving wonder. Everything about this bag is fab. It’s extremely well made, comes in two funky colours Black/Teal and Purple/Pink and won’t hurt your hip pocket at a very reasonable $35. Crumpler even offer free postage within Oz. Whatever you use it for, you won’t regret buying the All and Sundry.


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a dishwasher that’s a sink and a sink that’s a dishwasher

At the moment this is still only a concept from Ahhaproject but Electrolux have patented it so that’s a good sign it may become a reality. Dishes go in the sink, sink turns 180 degrees and turns into dishwasher leaving a nice empty fresh sink to fill up.

Via Fastcodesign

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