Looks like more places to grab a bite and coffee are popping up in St Peters. Buttercream on Edith St has been open a couple of months and specializes in cupcakes, bagels and coffee.  

Suite 7.03, Precinct 75

Mary St, St Peters, Sydney (enter via Edith St)


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Good old St Peters in Sydney’s Inner West is finally coming into its own. What started with Sample Coffee and Sibella Court’s Society Inc moving in has quickly led to a range of interesting and eclectic stores now joining in. 

Design Twins rests in the same complex at 75 Mary St, or Precinct 75, a gorgeous array of warehouses that house creative and now retail spaces. Design Twins is located on the Edith St side and opens this weekend. Well worth a wander through, you may even get a free cupcake.


Design Twins

Precinct 75, Suite 7.02

75 Mary St (entrance via Edith St)

St Peters, Sydney 


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I was lucky enough to go to Palm Springs recently. If you ever have the chance to go do. It’s a Mid Century Modern Mecca. 


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