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Whilst the food didn’t quite cut it for me I give this place ten out ten for service and presentation. Would be an awesome place for drinks in front of the fire. I’m sure there are dishes worth eating so it’s definitely worth a look. 

106 Parry Street, Newcastle West   

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Good old Mayfield in Newcastle is slowly coming into its own. No longer the poor cousin of Tighes Hill and Islington it’s starting to become a destination. 

This French deli is for all food lovers. Cheese, olive oils and fabulous pastas. 

144 Maitland Rd, Mayfield, Newcastle. 


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Looks like more places to grab a bite and coffee are popping up in St Peters. Buttercream on Edith St has been open a couple of months and specializes in cupcakes, bagels and coffee.  

Suite 7.03, Precinct 75

Mary St, St Peters, Sydney (enter via Edith St)

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Love this awesome hip flask by Stanley. Whether you’re camping or just after a cheeky nip when you’re out and about, this stainless steel beauty is odorless so it won’t taint your precious booze. Not bad for $45. Buy it here 

Stainless steel. Built tough. Odorless, tasteless.

Retro design. Classic style.

Wide-mouth opening. Fills and cleans easily.

Slim profile. Fits pockets and packs.

Engravable base. For moments to remember.

Rustproof finish. Withstands weather and wear.

Lifetime warranty.


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