Hello Crumpler my old friend… I've come to play with you again… I could write a whole review to the tune of The Sound of Silence but I might refrain. However I will point out how awesome Crumpler's new Flock of Horror is. Jumping on my scooter I was able slip my 13 inch MacBook Air into the soft brushed nylon inside pocket. My iPad into the soft zippered outer pocket as well as all my other day to day stuff. Very roomy for such a compact little number.

The shoulder pad is removable which means you can use the adjustable strap as a briefcase style handle or as a shoulder bag (really handy when you're jetting about on a scooter). The outer material is also water resistant, which I put to the test with all my gadgets inside. When I got home everything inside was bone dry, I however was not. Now if Crumpler could just make a human shaped bag…

The Flock of Horror (love the name) come in exclusive colours Rust Red & Slate Grey or Black & Flame Orange at the Apple Store. I particularly love the fold down zippered top. I'm completely paranoid about pickpockets so I'm loving how secure you can make this bag. Plus I'm always a fan of extra zippered pockets which this bag has plenty of. At $135 it's a bargain for all your precious gadgets.


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