Arthur Guinness – Having not one but two legacies is pretty impressive, so we can be in awe of Guinness for not only giving us one of the few beers you can eat with a fork but also a book of totally stupid as shit world records. Lord knows where we’d be today as a species if someone wasn’t keeping track of the world’s fattest midgets and largest pizzas.

Naturally an Irishman, Guinness started brewing ale back in the mid 1700’s and for the most part no one was entirely blown away as it takes effort to impress an Irishman with a glass of booze. Guinness managed to get a lease, for up to 9,000 years, at $45 a year, on an abandoned brewery with the $100 he had been left by his father. Since it’s now the largest selling stout in the world, that kick ass yearly rent is probably ensuring the current owners have enough disposable income to go out for dinner at least once a week, every week.

However, when a fire broke out at the brewery and scorched the ever loving shit out of the entire stock of barley, some ingenious brewers decided to shrug and use the burnt stuff anyway. The resulting brew is the Guinness we all know and chew today.

via  College Humour and Nick Allford


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