New York City-based filmmaker and photographer Randy Scott Slavin—who previously captured spherical landscape pictures—has created yet another beautiful series of photographs.

This time, he takes long exposure shots of NYC during the power outage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Titled ‘NYC Unplugged’, his collection consists of stunning long exposure photos taken on the streets of downtown NYC during the power outage.

“New York City is always bright. Street lights, business marquees, light from apartments and car headlights merge to light every corner of the city streets, even on the darkest night,” said Slavin.

“It is the night after NYC was decimated by Hurricane Sandy, downtown NYC is in the midst of a power outage that has plunged it into complete darkness.”

“I felt the call to hit the eerily dark streets and show New York as it is rarely seen. Trekking around with my tripod I was able to get the long exposures necessary to see in the dark.”

via Design Taxi


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  1. AngO says:

    So awesome. Love the light trails!

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