The Ultimate Exit is part of the sexy new Live Fast range from Crumpler. I say sexy because grey and yellow, hello, is there a better colour combo? Crumpler sent me this little number and I wanted to give it a really good “work out” before I gave my thoughts. I say “work out” because the Ultimate Exit is marketed amongst other things as a gym bag, so if any bag could convince me to get off my butt and get to the gym, I guess this is the one. So this is how it went down… I dusted off my trainers and shoved my ancient gym gear in, excellent loads of room, but must update gym gear. When I got to my local gym (which I really had been meaning to join since it opened 6 months ago) I realised this bag is the perfect size for all the gear you take off. I had my scooter jacket with me too and it all easily fit inside. The bag has really durable and comfortable padded handles (a little bit like a bowling bag) and three handy internal pockets. It’s simple, light and stylish. The clever colour scheme doesn’t limit it to any one gender either. Boys don’t be afraid. I was thinking though that this would actually make a great weekender duffel, carry-on bag, or as a spare bag on a trip that you could slip into a suitcase and fill when needed. It comes with an easily removable shoulder strap too, which came in very handy on my scooter. All in all, at $100 this is a very cool, very affordable and very well made bag. It’s timeless and extremely durable. It holds just enough of your stuff to not overload you and is super lightweight. Another great bag from Crumpler. images via Crumpler

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