awesome glasses store in nyc

So in Australia, when it comes to trying on glasses I feel somewhat of a freak. Frame after frame makes me feel like my eyes (which are probably slightly further apart than most) are Frankenstein incarnate. The solution? Go to the US for a holiday. Viola, freak no more.

I bored the crap out of my partner going from store to store, but I have to say that my best experience in NYC was Silver Lining Opticians. In the heart of Soho on Thompson St, their selection is fantastic as they “curate a selection of independent contemporary brands with the largest unused vintage eyewear collection in New York”. Standouts for me were Japanese brand Masunaga, Barton Perreira, LA Eyeworks and Anglo American  The store itself with its exposed brick walls is very warm and welcoming and best of all they have all the glasses out (not locked away) so you can try things on at your own pace without having to ask to try something on and be hovered over. However if you do want help, the boys are incredibly helpful.

So next time you’re in NYC and want to improve your hipster cool factor tenfold, head there before anywhere else. They even shipped me a pair of specs that I foolishly didn’t buy at the time. Legends.

Silver Lining Opticians, 92 Thompson Street, NYC.

images Silver Lining Opticians

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