I was lucky enough to go to Palm Springs recently. If you ever have the chance to go do. It’s a Mid Century Modern Mecca. 


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For the high functioning alcoholic in all of us. At five hundred and ninety five pounds it's a little on the $$$$$$$$ side but just in terms of awesome beauty check out this “drinking” stick from James Smith & Sons.

A replica of the drinking stick used by the famous French poster artist Toulouse Lautrec. The stick is made from laminated hardwoods and is finished with a removeable silver plate lid. The stick unscrews revealing a long glass vial with a silver plate/cork lid. The stick also contains two small glasses to share a small drink with a friend.


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Love this awesome hip flask by Stanley. Whether you’re camping or just after a cheeky nip when you’re out and about, this stainless steel beauty is odorless so it won’t taint your precious booze. Not bad for $45. Buy it here 

Stainless steel. Built tough. Odorless, tasteless.

Retro design. Classic style.

Wide-mouth opening. Fills and cleans easily.

Slim profile. Fits pockets and packs.

Engravable base. For moments to remember.

Rustproof finish. Withstands weather and wear.

Lifetime warranty.


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